David Givens

Energy direction, editorial depth and reliability in commodity price indexes 

Argus Media Webinars and Presentations
I frequently give webinars and live presentations for Argus. Here are PDF copies of the slides from some of these events.

Participants in the natural gas industry are encouraged to provide information to price reporting agencies like Argus. I discussed how to do this in December 2016. 

By late 2018 there was a belief that the U.S. would soon be producing so much LNG that Asian energy markets would face an abundance of supply. I addressed two scholarly research groups on how the Argus Gulf Coast LNG index would fit in that world.

The opening of the Mexican energy marketplace subsequent to the 2013 will be subject to multiple iterations going forward. Energy firms in both countries will have to put a lot of effort into understanding the way of doing business on the other side of the border.

In late 2015 I went to Mexico City for the excellent Argus Day event that Jaime Brito puts together each year. I talked about how U.S. gas would be exported to that country.